Carroll V. Lovell, Sr.

A few words about Dad.

Carroll Vinson Lovell, Sr.

I was recently thinking about my dad and after digging around, found the letter which was read at his funeral. Time, and unforeseen circumstance befall us all. (He is fourth person counting from right to left).

On a good day, when our dad’s health wasn’t failing him, you’d ask him how did he feel? and he’d say, “Fine as Frog Hair.” On a not so good day, he’d say, “With Both Hands...” On a bad day he was ‘OK. Or Pretty Good.” An optimist’s optimist, kind, gentle, mild mannered, long suffering, wise, our family’s own John Wayne and Clark Kent all rolled up into one Grandpa. A genuine gentleman and scholar, craftsman, boat builder, veteran of a terrible war, our father and a grandfather, a lover of a good pun, and to borrow an expression of his ‘an OK Citizen.”. An understatement to say the least.

He’d gone into the hospital so frequently at times, and on seemed he’d not make it and he did though, often surprising the nurses and doctors and family. He was sociable, enjoying visiting with friends and family, never focusing on himself, most important of all, he was a good listener. He was our best friend, a person to share things with, making things interesting whether the day at work, the weather or any number of interesting things going on around the world. Even toward the end he enjoyed visiting with folks so much regardless of how much he’d wear himself out, whether talking to family and friends - or as chance would have it recently, the famous astronaut Capt. Jim Lovell.

We always knew that eventually that determination and strong will could only go so far. Saturday, July 29th, he went to sleep for the last time. It had always been such a terrible struggle for him, his body failing him - if not one thing then another - the pain and suffering, the strain of dealing with so many things going wrong that it had to have been a relief for him to finally pass away in his sleep, just to finally be able to rest easy. He really wanted to see his new grand daughter - and he did see some pictures. One can imagine that maybe he dreamed he held her in his arms once...all of us for that matter.

It’s very hard to accept that he’s not around anymore to talk to, joke with, or watch him play with his grandkids. As frail as he was in the end, he was always solid as a rock, larger than life, he was always there. He’ll be sorely missed.