I’m a ‘work in progress’ professional videographer but that is not my profession. I can offer weekend work with professional tools to create high quality video productions - movie trailers for books, commercials for businesses and organizations, product highlights, video tours for real estate and commercial properties as well as promotional videos for events. Prices for these projects vary. I’d be happy to discuss any ideas you may have for your business or event. As a family, we are working on producing short films, as well as travel review videos - the kind we wish we could see when we plan our trips. Bridget is an expert at researching cruises and destinations and her reviews of past travel have been well received, so look for these reviews soon.

I’m also an artist, using a variety of professional 3D tools such as Poser, Vue, Cinema4D, DAZ Studio, Blender and Adobe software - but that’s not my profession either. I am looking forward to the day I can create stories with my images, either through illustrated interactive ebooks or 3D CG animation. Some day I’ll have that movie studio in a box, and it won’t take 450 minutes per second of footage to make a movie.

I write. I’ve published industry articles in the past, and have recently have made an effort to ‘finish’ a book of my own, a work of fiction. But that isn’t my profession either. (Yet). I’m being coached by a friend, Allen Appel, a published author and reviewer for Publisher’s Weekly. He’s provided a ton of invaluable advice and guidance with my first novel, a thriller titled, “Mississippi Running.” The protagonist is a special agent for ICE. The story is set in New Orleans and features a villain using UAV drones to wage a new and fearsome kind of terrorism. I also hope to write a historical novel based on an ancestor, Granville Shaw - a gunfighting sheriff who lived in New Iberia, LA after the civil war. It’s slow going though, I rarely get the time to work on it, life is very busy.

My day job is for a company called Storage Engine, where I’m a technology architect for enterprise data centers. I design disaster recovery solutions, data storage solutions, and related technology infrastructure solution designs required by government agencies, corporations, production studios, hospitals, museums, and education institutions. I have significant industry experience and expertise with unusual requirements - very high performance, ultra resilient, large scale, long term preservation, and the very efficient (green and low cost). I think the main reason for our success is we have a great team of professionals who have been around for quite some time, and who consistently deliver on service, support and expertise.

So this site is where I’ll be mainly sharing a lot of the things I’m involved in or working on. Family history, family albums. Not everything will be public, but the more interesting experiences will be documented here. There is a pretty rich history in our genealogy, and I hope to collect it all in one place. Enjoy...

Joel Lovell, at Niagara Falls with family, December 2013.